From NEXUS vol. 22, no. 3, April–May 2015

by Roger J. Anderton and David de Hilster © 2015

In this year 2015 we now celebrate 100 years of general relativity, but the old issues still remain about Einstein's relativity, despite whatever new hype its supporters might generate, where Einstein has been propped up as a false signpost, sending the whole world down a nonsensical line of thinking for all those years. In 1905, Dr Albert Einstein had his miracle year supposedly revolutionising modern physics, leading him to general relativity which made him world famous in 1919.

Below are two views on why Einstein was wrong. The first is by David de Hilster, director of the documentary film Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year; and the second is by Roger Anderton, who recently appeared in the program Did Boscovich Discover A Unified Field Theory? on Richplanet TV. Both contend that modern physics has gone drastically wrong and that there is now a "hidden physics with a hidden history". – R. J. A.

Part 1: by David de Hilster

Back in 1992, I met a physicist, Dr Ricardo Carezani of Argentina, who claimed to have shown Einstein's special theory of relativity to be wrong, corrected the problem, and wanted my help to get this information out to the wider world.
In the ensuing years, I have found out more about the dysfunctional state of modern physics and cosmology, where the physics establishment enforces a dogma based on politics and its own emotional needs.

In 1996, I met up for the first time with a group of dissident scientists, led by Dr John Chappell, who started meeting annually and were also trying to confront the problems in modern science. I decided there were enough scientists for me to attempt to make a documentary about the subject—based on my mother's meeting these scientists in the context of daily life, in the hope that audiences wouldn't feel so intimidated by the subject of the film in such a style. This took over eight years to complete.

The film was very well received by the first general audience that I presented it to, thus I believed that I had succeeded in making a film for the masses. However, I met with disappointment when I presented my documentary to film festivals. The problem as I see it is that documentarians and film-lovers consider themselves above the intelligence level of most of the general public and feel that if Einstein were wrong, they would already have known about it through the media.

As dealt with by Roger below, the media block most of the information about Einstein's being wrong. Thus, in their state of ignorance, they reject such a documentary and do not give it a fair hearing.

Based on my experiences, I conclude that in school there are nerds who are bullied, such as portrayed on the Disney Channel where a nerd is always being picked on. These nerds who become socially ostracised often decide to try to become smarter than everyone else and enter science; they then engage in a bullying system there of "top" nerd kicking ass downwards. Thus, my documentary Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year became another victim of this system.

Part 2: by Roger J. Anderton
False Front of Physics and History

I 've had a long interest in physics and mathematics, and, like David de Hilster, I've noticed the "lie" with Einstein. After long, hard study of modern physics inspired by Einstein and obtaining a degree from the Open University, I was shocked to find that I had been lied to about both the physics and the history of the subject. I found there was a unified field theory in the 18th century, when modern physics usually claims there wasn't such a theory. (See NEXUS 8/05.1)

Einstein's relativity is supposed to be highly mathematical, and I felt that I needed to learn more maths before studying the subject, so I did the maths and went through the physics education system. I then looked back on what I had been taught by studying the relativity writings of Einstein and was horrified to find them to be nonsense. Worse, I found that there were clever people who had already worked out long ago that Einstein was talking nonsense but were being ignored. (I found them through the social group that David refers to.) Einstein in the popular imagination is a super-genius, and it just does not go down well with the public to have their hero represented as anything else.

So, the physics establishment holds up this false front of Einstein the genius. To maintain this false front, it even constructs a false history, ignoring actual history as much as it can. I now recognise what a genius Tesla was, but he wasn't working from physics as it is now taught to students but was working from an earlier physics uncorrupted by Einstein.

History of Relativity after Einstein

Einstein is usually portrayed as discovering special and general relativity and replacing Galileo's relativity. Between Galileo and Einstein there were others involved in relativity, but the tendency is to ignore this, except for a few like Lorentz and Poincaré.

Dr Robert Oppenheimer, the so-called "father of the atomic bomb"2, said this of Einstein: "His early papers are paralyzingly beautiful but they are thoroughly corrupt with errors…"3 This suggests that he had a low opinion of Einstein's intellectual powers.

Many others have had a low opinion of Einstein, but they've often found that this damaged their reputations when they encountered people who hero-worshipped Einstein.

Oppenheimer became mysterious when he went on to say: "[T]his has delayed publication of his collected works for almost ten years. A man whose errors can take that long to correct is quite a man." What those errors are supposed to be is a mystery, and Einstein's collected works were not published in the 10 years that Oppenheimer expected.4
The scientist who coined the terms "black hole" and "wormhole" was Dr John Wheeler5, and he is deemed to have resurrected Einstein's relativity6 in what has been called "the Renaissance of General Relativity"7, which appears to have been a rewrite of Einstein's relativity to sort out those mistakes. Dr Hans Ohanian, in his book Einstein's Mistakes8, points out some of those errors but he does not go far enough. With this Wheeler School of Relativity, it is all very confusing and it is not clear what has been changed and why.

According to Dr C. Y. Lo9, the Wheeler School of Relativity has got many things wrong: "…the dominant misinterpretations of the Wheeler School are due to inadequacy in mathematics and physics. In particular, their distortions of Einstein’s equivalence principle maintain initial errors and create their own errors. Moreover, the errors on dynamic solutions have far reaching consequences to other areas of physics." Thus we have an additional mess made with relativity from the Wheeler School, not just from Einstein.

Yet there has been a long history of dissent against Einstein's relativity, as recorded by The G. O. Mueller Research Project.10

Every now and then, the establishment makes a mistake in trying to keep these things hidden. One example of this seems to be Dr Rupert Sheldrake's banned TEDx lecture of January 2013.11 Dr Sheldrake is a biologist with maverick ideas, but the establishment seems to tolerate him among them and appears to have told him something in confidence that it didn't want widely known and then reacted by trying to ban the lecture he gave when he revealed this. In his banned talk (really only partially banned; the suppressors of truth were not able to ban it completely), he says many interesting things.

One revelation is from what the head of metrology at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, England, admitted: that they were unable to measure the speed of light as a constant, so they fixed the speed of light as a constant by definition in 1972. Further, the metrologist admitted that if the speed of light is not a constant, they would now never know because the distance unit of the metre has been defined in terms of the speed of light. The simplest context of light speed (in a vacuum) is of course in the special relativity scenario, and it means that they were never able to measure the speed of light as a constant in order to confirm special relativity. What the head of metrology described as an "embarrassment" is the sort of thing omitted from physics texts taught to students.

So, the theory that the speed of light (in a vacuum) is a constant was not checked by experiment and was never proved to be true.

Further insights come from a report on a maverick physicist, Associate Professor Reg Cahill12: "He is well aware that his activities will not make him popular with the Establishment of physics—indeed, he believes that other experiments that have produced data that conflicts with Einstein's theories have been deliberately ignored or, in some cases, suppressed. Einstein's 'invention' of space-time merged the geometrical models of space and time, and was predicated on famous 19th century experiments by Michelson and Morley that purported to show that the speed of light was constant in any direction. When a very small effect was recorded as opposed to the large one anticipated, the two physicists decided that the effect could be discounted as an artefact of the experiment. They declared the result to be null, and the constant speed of light became part of the theoretical basis for Einstein's theories of special relativity and general relativity."

Cahill explains that the physicists were wrong: "They threw the baby out with the bathwater… The effect was real: the speed of light is different in different directions."

The theory where the speed of light is defined as a constant is a different theory to one where the speed of light is discovered as a constant, independent of definition. The former theory fails to be a proper theory because it is untestable. Suddenly, physics takes on the attributes of a faith-based religion by the way that it deals with Einstein's mess.13

History of Relativity before Einstein

Of course, relativity was around before Einstein and we can go back to Galileo, who considered the principle.14 A great deal happened in relativity in the time between Galileo and Einstein, and most of it is missed out. In the 18th century, much physics was written in Latin; since then it has been mostly ignored. For instance, the priest-scientist Father Boscovich was dealing with relativity.15 The quantum theory part of his theory has been dealt with by Serbian chemist Dr Eng. Dragoslav Stoiljkovich in his book Roger Boscovich: The Founder of Modern Science.16

Even according to the Wheeler School of Relativity, Boscovich's theory is a unified field theory.17 However, the school is ignoring it because it is an 18th-century unified field theory and it was looking for something more modern, based on believing Einstein. However, as far as I'm concerned, Einstein made many mistakes; undo those mistakes and we're back to Boscovich's theory.

Mathematics of General Relativity

There are too many problems with Einstein’s relativity, and much of the mathematics does not make sense. Professor Roger Rydin has spent a long time checking Einstein's maths in general relativity, and he says that after correcting for the errors it still comes out as nonsense; thus, anyone who thinks it fits with any experiment is deluded.18 Stephen Crothers also gives very insightful talks on this.19


We have been really profoundly messed up by Einstein. There are many mistakes in Einstein's works. It is no longer really clear what Einstein’s relativity is supposed to be any more, and we dissidents have asked the Einstein believers to clarify this. See our communiqué, "An Open Letter to the Physics Community: The Twin Paradox".20

Einstein's portrayal as a hero has made it difficult for anyone to correct the mistakes in his relativity theories. Those who do try to correct these mistakes risk being smeared by his hero-worshippers.

The establishment has been persecuting many dissidents, making them modern-day Galileos. In Galileo's day, the establishment responded by threatening him, but that failed as an adequate method. Today, the establishment has become more skilled at suppressing dissent. Its method is to reward you with prizes (e.g., the Nobel) and research funding if you don't dissent.

This is a carrot-and-stick approach. The establishment found that making the carrot bigger (with the threat of removing the carrot) is better at controlling dissent than making the stick bigger. ∞

About the Authors:
• Roger J. Anderton is a former telecommunications engineer. He recently appeared on Richplanet TV’s program Did Boscovich Discover a Unified Field Theory? (part 1 of 4, at For more information, visit his website He can be contacted by email at
• David de Hilster is a computer scientist, artist and filmmaker and is the founder of the World Science Database. The trailer of his documentary film Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year can be viewed at the website

• The John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society website provides open discussion and is where many dissident scientists meet up; visit

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