The History of UFT

Whyte and Baranski were working with Einstein on the UFT. Whyte mentions in his literature that Modern Physics of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity theories is based on Boscovich's theory.

Whyte was a theorist not too proficient in maths. Baranski was an all-rounder - experimentalist, mathematician and theorist; a sort of "Faraday" type of Genius (i.e. Genius of the highest calibre).

Einstein agreed to the UFT that Baranski developed. Einstein then died. Baranski died young and was forgotten. This so far is in the Physics History Literature; but is being ignored/suppressed.

Baranski was naive and got involved working on experiments for people, it would have been better not to have worked for.

Now, the missing link in Darwin's theory of how does life start is answered by Baranski.

Boscovich's theory does not answer that question; it is a unified theory dealing with particles, but does not explain how some particles can be alive and others not. (This is as far as I know, not all of Boscovich’s work has been translated from Latin into English; hence not all has been read by me.)

Whyte dealt with the issue by what he called the Unitary Principle - basically it is how the particles form themselves into certain patterns that replicate themselves that gives life. When particles form themselves into a well-ordered structure such as crystal, then they are pretty much inert and no longer self-replicating; apart from merely continuing the process of crystallisation. (The Unitary Principle has gone by a lot of different names by other Researchers such as being called Life Force. Often it is interpreted in the Religious point-of-view as the work of a Higher Intelligence – i.e. God, while in the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis this Intelligence might sometimes be interpreted as an extremely advanced alien.)

So under Whyte's theory- Boscovich's theory gets extended to what can be called the Unitary Field Theory.

Baranski wrote a book on this which does not deal with the maths, and is very difficult to get hold of. He also did the experiment that showed how life began on Earth - radiation from the Sun acts as catalysis, causing atomic particles to engage in pattern forming that we call life. As a result he showed that the conditions for Life are common throughout the Universe.

He was working in the early stages of the Apollo Moon mission; his task was to find out how to protect the astronauts from space radiation once they had left the Earth's protective field.

Unfortunately not all of Baranski’s work seems accessible to the public.

Dr  James Watson has increased microscopic imaging and been able to view particles on the Planck scale; where structures on the large scale are repeating themselves on the small scale; reality is fractal. He also finds that on that scale there are mini-wormholes as per what John Wheeler says, and as per string theory - one is looking at higher dimensions when one looks at that small scale; energy comes in from a higher dimension through these mini-wormholes, and that means it is free energy as far as our "perceived universe" is concerned.

My interest with all of this: I checked the mathematics of Modern Physics and came up with a very simple theory; I checked back in history and the theory was first proposed by an 18th century Catholic priest Father Roger Boscovich. I then looked into what happened to this theory, and began digging up the Forgotten/ Suppressed Past. I suspect that others have to a certain extent come up with the same type of theory; but the first person to propose the theory as far as I am aware was Father Boscovich; and these "others" try to say that their theory is "new"--- ignoring the past history of who was FIRST with the proposal for the Unified Field Theory, and ignoring how that theory was built upon by Einstein and his associates. 

Boscovich ->Faraday ->Maxwell->Einstein->LL Whyte -> Baranski-> Watson

However many other scientists are involved for instance David Bohm was working on the ideas of LL Whyte, Thomas Bearden was working on the ideas of Maxwell, and Tesla’s theory is related to this because his education was Boscovichian.

Web site:
says: “Two hundred years ago February 13, 1787 the Croatian Jesuit mathematician Roger Boscovich,S.J. died. He developed the first coherent description of atomic theory in his work Theoria Philosophiae Naturalis , which is one of the great attempts to understand the structure of the universe in a single idea.”

I say: Boscovich’s theory is the start to Unified Field Theory.

What is not widely known is that the leading physicists of the 20th Cent. were working from Boscovich's theory; because Boscovich's theory was the Foundation of 20th Cent. Atomic Physics.

The information for all of this is hidden away in obscure places. 

Boscovich was a Catholic priest-cum- scientist, and there are still lots of priest-scientists around doing their own scientific researches "outside" of the mainstream of the science community.

One of these priest-cum-scientists says Boscovich is the founder of 20th Cent. Atomic physics:

Peter Henricis priest, PhD Professor of Philosophy says in his article: The Theory of Knowledge of Ruder Boskovic in his time:

"Boskovic (aka Boscovich) made real atom physics possible and therefore he is rightly regarded as its actual forerunner or founder."

One of the scientists working on UFT was Whyte, this is mentioned at site dealing with Whyte’s diaries; which unfortunately has now removed that information ( site); it did say :

 “Lancelot Law Whyte was not appreciated in Great Britain but was celebrated in the US. He fought in the First World War, and was a brilliant mathematical physicist employed in industry, investment banker and scientific consultant on financing new inventions, chairman and managing director of Power Jets, Ltd. which developed the Whittle jet engine, as well as serving as Director of Statistical Enquiries in the Ministry of Supplies. But his main interest was as a philosopher of science and as a postulator of human inquiry and development. …
Whyte appeared to know all of the authors here who were within his generation. He gave a keynote memorial address for the Institute of General Semantics in honour of Korzybski, and corresponded with Bois. Bohm knew and admired him and carried on the work of expressing the unified theory in physics after Whyte died.”

What is to note is that they mention David Bohm was working from Whyte's ideas. And site: 

says of David Bohm: 
“This is the first biography of David Bohm, brilliant physicist, explorer of consciousness, student of Oppenheimer, friend of Einstein, and enemy to the House Un-American Activities Committee. As both his friend and fellow physicist, no one is better positioned than F. David Feat to tell the story of this extraordinary scientist, one of the most original thinkers of the second half of the twentieth century, a man who made influential contributions to physics, philosophy, consciousness, psychology, language, and education.”

One of the things to note is that David Bohm is mentioned as an ‘enemy’ --- Bohm became unpopular with quite a few people; and it seems to be this among other reasons why there is prejudice against UFT from an Academia that would prefer to Block all of this information on UFT by simply not talking about all the scientists that have been working on it.

There has been a great number of scientists working on UFT, and Academia responds by ostracizing them whenever possible.

All of the scientific issues raised by this theoretical development touch upon issues such as the paranormal and ETs that Academia wishes to be in a state of denial about.
I have now been in contact with various people that have been working on these theoretical ideas either directly or indirectly; and was amazed to be informed that Scientific Academia had made a deal a long time ago with the Religious Priesthood that “they” have an agreed censorship between them. This agreed censorship seems to be another reason why UFT is not allowed to be talked about too much; because it would impinge upon religious beliefs.